Marwan Al Husayni

cropped-3631-e1516128684514Marwan Al Husayni, the Media and Image Management Expert, builds on an experience of more than 25 years. He has been through a plethora of projects and functions which addressed a wide range of media, humanitarian, cultural, social and intellectual issues. His job history and tasks vary from writing, translating, to planning, organizing, running and following up events, conferences and different meetings, to setting up media and social media plans and platforms, press conferences, and communication strategies.

Throughout his professional life, he sought, and actively engaged himself, in a powerful rainbow of subjects, skills and tasks. Some of these are:

  • Media and Communications.
  • Visibility and Public Image Management.
  • Writing, VIP Ghost-Writing and Editing (both in Arabic and English).
  • Setting-up, running and monitoring online platforms and identities.
  • Translating (between Arabic and English).

Among key positions, roles and tasks he fulfilled were:

  • Press Secretary, Communications Specialist, Media Strategist and research assistant of HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan.
  • Communications Specialist, Conferences and Events Coordinator at the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies.
  • Media and Communications Consultant to the EU funded project: Support the Promotion of the Amman Message.
  • Volunteer Media Advisor to the Jordanian Network of Anna Lindh Foundation for Inter-Cultural Dialogue.
  • Spokesperson of the West Asia and North Africa Forum (2009 – 2010).
  • Spokesperson of the Second World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES 2006).
  • Media and content consultant to a number of organizations and VIPs.
  • Managing editor of Amman Cultural Magazine.
  • Editor and writer at a number of newspapers.
  • Speaker and moderator in a number of conferences and VIP meetings.


Freelance Services:

Marwan offers the following freelance services:

  • Media and Public Image Management.
  • Media Strategy Development and Management.
  • Visibility Services and Tools.
  • Personal Branding.
  • Press Secretary Services.
  • Creative Writing and Ghost-Writing.
  • Digital Content Management.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Virtual Assistance.
  • Media Needs Assessment.


Throughout his lifetime experiences, Marwan based his work and professional relations on effective lines of vision:

  • Openness, Creativity, Consistency, Accuracy, Excellence, and Memorability.
  • Intellectual and Knowledge-Based action.
  • Efficiency and sustainability.


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