Let Your Thoughts “Bee”

Original thoughts are the best image feeders. As my kids watch a nice animation movie, totally focused and happy with the world they are sliding into, I try to have a different kind of focus while I am watching their joy. What makes original thoughts alive? What gives them the power of an animated movie? How can one’s ideas, original ideas, become as powerful as a magical animation.

Let’s have a look at what makes us love such entertainment.

First, animations are moving ideas. If you want to feed your image by using your thoughts, make them move and move. Don’t stop at one idea. Don’t freeze it. Develop it. Give it wheels and wings. Don’t leave your one thought alone. Attach more to it and make it breath. You might like to write an article on writing, but why not to write an article on writing under the rain!! Or maybe while you are stuck in a traffic jam!! Can you do it.

Second, animations have strong and alive colors, lines and graphics. You can do the same. Empower your thoughts with your original colors. A personal touch is more effective than any artificial products you might use to enhance your image. I would like to use a paper and a pen to write while walking under the rain. Many others prefer to run.

Third, animations are stories. They are usually intimate and friendly and told in creative styles. Tell your stories. Add them to your image and they will do the magic. You need to make sure that they are meaningful and show others your experiences. Stories are not mere events that happen to you. They go beyond the daily encounters into distilling the meanings of your life and the lives of others.

Fourth, animations are the products of technology, and so is your image. You need to learn how to use new tools in smart ways, and smart tools in new ways. Blogs, posts, tweets, shares and comments are nowadays simple tools that anyone can easily use. But, the more you understand the mechanisms behind them, the more you can feed your image and produce your own appealing animation.

I forgot to say that the animation my kids were watching was “Maya the Bee Movie (2014)”. Indeed, this type of entertainment movies teach us how to let our thoughts and images “bee”.

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