4 Don’ts to Think About When You Manage Your Image on Social Media

When writing, I like to put things clearly and directly. This way I keep focused and give my readers what they want in a short time.  So, as usual, my question is very direct: If you want to “Feed Your Image” on social media, what are the most basic behaviors you need to put in front of your eyes, everyday??

Following is my answer, also as usual, sharp and clear:

1- Don’t go private: To better feed your image, you need people to connect with the real you. Nicknames blur your perceived image. They do not help in trust building and you cannot rely on them for networking. It is always a sign of powerful presence when you use your real name on social media platforms and tools.

2- Don’t hesitate to express your opinion: Your opinion matters. Your ideas have a big role in the process of online interactivity. When you declare your opinion in style and depth it will give more to your public image. This more is derived from you, your opinion, not from the tools you use.

3- Don’t run away from discussion: Questions that you receive through comments or messages are valuable opportunities to engage in discussion. Discussion is a real builder of social and professional networks online. It boosts interactivity with your business, brand or yourself. Through discussion you know which areas you need to enhance in your business or your overall public image.

And, most importantly:

4- Don’t pretend to be other than yourself: If you are a writer, act like one. Don’t pretend that you are a cosmologist or a politician. If you are a blogger, don’t behave like a philosopher or a community leader. Expressing your real self means that you are showing your real image. Reality is sought by everyone all the time, even on social media.

If you want your image to be real online, it is better for you to be real. It is not hard to do so, but it is not achieved by default. Social media provides you with the tools and you have to provide back the genuine material, which is you.