3 Mirrors That Will Help You Feed Your Image

Image feeding is basically creating a good impact on others who are interacting or exchanging business with you. Before deciding on what you should do to better feed your image, you need to use 3 mirrors. It is preferable that you use them at the same time on a daily basis.

The first mirror is the one that reflects your image to you. How you see yourself and the way you look at yourself is very important in the process of image feeding. You need to zoom your image in and out in order to deeply understand what you exactly see, and then plan on what you need to enhance or advance in order to create a positive influence.

The second mirror is the one that reflects your image as seen by the people who know you. This image is built by those who are around you based on the impressions and knowledge they receive through their interactions with you. You are the main source of this image, but this mirror will give you various interpretations each time you look at it. This is why I call it a multi-dimensional mirror. You are not one in this context. You are a matrix of images and reflections. It is crucial for you to be aware of them and understand them well in order to feed your image in a powerful way.

The third mirror is the one that reflects your image as seen by the people who don’t know you. It is a problematic mirror. You are wrong if you think that you can easily control it. This is the field where you will encounter hundreds of players who are competing to improve their images over yours. If you do not practice looking into this mirror every day, you will always see blurred images and shadows.

After looking deeply into these three mirrors, you can decide which strategy and improvements will serve you better. Of course, media and social media are powerful tools in this context. But first you need to have a good idea about image management. What is image management? That’s a different story.

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