5 Reasons Why You Should Feed Your Image

Of course, by image I mean your perceived image, how people see you and how they are affected by you. Image feeding means taking care of the way you present yourself to the people you interact with. I do not mean that you should change your image to another one which is not you. You simply need to manage it in a smart and powerful way.

Why should you do so??

Well, I can think of 5 major reasons why you should take care of your perceived image and manage it:

First: You are your image. It is what people look at and what you want them to remember about you. Giving others a clear and well-structured representations of you will always lead to a positive effect.

Second: It is You who is responsible for what people think of you. Blame yourself for any negative impressions they form about you. You cannot blame them for not doing the job you are supposed to do.

Third: It is easy to manage your image the way you want. You already have the powerful tools for your image management. Yes, it is social media and online presence. You only need to think and plan strategically for this purpose.

Fourth: Advancing your image leads to advancing your business. When you manage your image in a smart way, it will become a smart investment in your professional paths. The more you take care of your image, the more it takes care of you.

Fifth: It helps you discover more about yourself in the process. As you visit and revisit your personal ideas, thoughts, themes and narratives, new discoveries happen all along the road. And believe me: it is very important for your feelings and your sense of yourself.

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